Tailgate Struts

Tailgate Struts:

In many situations like cars, chairs, washing machines, printer lids, covers for machines and agricultural machinery gas springs are used. There are many potential applications for gas springs and your ideas and innovations used in conjunction with a gas spring can result in good and ergonomic products. The range of gas springs is divided into two groups, those for vehicles and those for industry. Lesjöfors’ range of gas springs intended for use in motor bonnets/hoods and boots/trunks are comprised of 400 different models. All gas springs are delivered complete with the appropriate fittings and are custom-made for the relevant model of car. The industrial range consists of more than 300 different models which are combined with a number of different fittings. In our range there is also a series of block able gas springs, release mechanisms, handles and wire. We stock all kinds of different stroke lengths from 20 mm up to 500 mm with the force ranging from 40 to 2000 Newton. The following links will connect you to the company in charge of the sales and distribution of our range of gas springs.

Vauxhall Vectra Tailgate Struts