Toyota Prius T Spirit

Toyota Prius T Spirit

The new Prius is now more spacious giving better leg room then before. It has even got a revolutionary air condition system that can be controlled by remote control, allowing the car to start cooling before you get in. It also has a head up display which even tells you how economically you’re driving.


The Toyota Prius has evolved. The hybrid with its petrol engine and electric motor can boast its green credentials and only produce 89g/km of CO2 and manage 72.4mpg; with the T spirit model producing 92g/km of CO2 whilst managing 70.6mpg, this makes the Toyota Prius more fuel efficient for those longer journeys then its previous models. Another new eco point to be considered is the battery voltage has been increased to 650V giving less heat loss in the cables. The engine has increased its capacity from a 1.5 litre to a 1.8 litre thus increasing the power to 134bhp.
Toyota Prius T Spirit


The cost of £21,220 is probably worth it at trying to save the world.

The City Commuter MINI COOPER D


Man is defined by three things: his watch, his shoes and his car. For all the chat about a post-brand world, the vehicle we choose to spend our many driving hours in will always make a huge statement about how we want to be perceived. Speed lover? International playboy? Careful driver who hugs trees in his spare time?

City Workers:

The Mini is still loved by city workers across the land because no other car can match its blend of easy chic, driving fun and sensible running cost.

Stop-Start Tech:

Stop start tech is standard-you pull up, slot the gear stick into neutral and it stop; select first and it starts again – and this helps it achieve a mighty 72.4mpg while emitting just 104g/km of CO2, but still hitting 0-60mph in 9.9 seconds. And all from just £15k.



Talk to your friendly Audi dealer and he will tell you that the new V10 version of the R8 is capable of 196mph, but that says more about a desire to be PC than the V10’s true performance.


This is proper, 200mph supercar. By bolting a version of Lamborghini’s 5.2-litre V10 into the R8, Audi’s given its everyman speedster a harder edge. It sounds more urgent than the R8 V8 and with 518bhp instead of 414bhp, it’s a lot faster. 0-60 mph now takes 3.9 seconds.


It remain an easy to live with as ever and with price tag of a smidgeon under 3100k, you could almost describe it as a bargain.

Jaguar XJ 2010

Jaguar XJ 2010

Jaguar XJ 2010 is on its way, traditionally style XJ brought its panoramic glass roof that creates extra interior lights.

Inspired architecture:

The body of new Jaguar XJ is lighter as compare to its competitors due to aerospace-inspired aluminums architecture which also helps a lot in performance and fuel consumption. Jaguar XJ interior has been designed with leather and veneer surfaces, and it has 8-inch touch screen for playing DVD movies, a 1200W Bowers. This new car also sports six airbags, anti-lock brakes, and traction and safety control. Jaguar XJ windscreen heated with timer even the rear window as well. It also have rain sensing windscreen wipers, their Headlamps are automatic Xenon with washers and front LED signature lights.


It has 6-speed electronic automatic transmission with Jaguar Sequential Shift™. Jaguar XJ are the 3.0-litre V6 diesel which has a base price of £52,500, the 5.0-litre naturally aspirated V8 with 385hp (283kW), the 5.0-litre V8 supercharged making 510hp (375kW).

Evening of Trading and Networking

Car Spares Factors

Car Spares Factors and its supplier partners invite you to an evening of trading and networking.17 September 2009 7.30pm


In the Car Spares Factors Bazaar you will be able to:

Entrance Fees:

Entrance £10 per person which is refundable upon attendance or exchangeable for raffle tickets.
Raffle Draw at 10pm.

Dress Code:



New Hertford Suite
Hilton Watford
Elton Way
WD25 8HA


To book your place call now on 0208 445 3141 or email at

How to buy cheaper car parts

In these times when the financial crisis seem to spiral every aspect of our lives, we should look out for every opportunity there is to cut down our expenses. Average car owners find it hard to maintain their vehicles in top shape when the prices are on the rise and spending money on cars and other luxuries is becoming difficult by the day.

Where to get cheaper prices

You may go around checking your local car part suppliers and garages for a quick check on car part prices. Another way of doing this is to find their websites and check the price list, or you can also do so by calling them up.

However the best way is to look for a major supplier or dealership that stock a comprehensive range of car parts. These big suppliers sell car parts in larger volumes and charge less commissions per item. Often these suppliers have online websites from where you can select the car parts and compare the price difference, compared to a small car garage or car part supplier.

Buying car parts online

You can check website on the internet that specialise in car parts, and using the same rule here try and look for bigger suppliers who may offer you a better deal. You may also contact the suppliers over the phone if you are about to make a higher value purchase and seek some extra security.

Besides the bargain prices, another great benefit of dealing with a bigger supplier is the guarantee they may offer on their goods which you may not get from a small supplier.

In conclusion we would highly recommend you to use a trusted local company which may offer a good price and fast delivery of your goods.

Buying car parts and spares online

Buying auto and cars parts online saves a great deal of time for car owners. There are many online websites available to help you choose the right car spare parts, giving you a full selection range of different brands and car models. You can choose a specialist car spare part supplier website to buy car parts of various different manufacturer brands.

Finding car parts online

A simple search on any of the search engine can reveal tons of websites offering car parts online. You can then narrow down your search by opening up a few websites that sell a comprehensive range of car parts. The products are often listed in the order of different part types or manufacturer brands. If your knowledge of car parts is limited and have difficulty locating the exact car part type then you may wish to use a website which has car parts listed based on car brands, models and year of manufacture.

Why Order online

There may a million good reasons for you to buy car parts online but to name a few;

Before you order

Its really simple to order car parts online, once you have spotted a good supplier. You can look for physical contact details such as postal address and telephone contact number to ascertain the suppliers are a genuine company.

Another important aspect to factor in is the location of the suppliers and their delivery terms and conditions. It may be advisable to order from a company based in your country. If you choose to order from a company abroad, make sure you go through their delivery terms and conditions to avoid extra postage charges or a long lapse to receive your goods.